OLJ Task 1

Explore the functionality for storing, tagging and sharing your bookmarked resources.

Write a short evaluation (no more than 350 words) of your use of social bookmarking – include a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of different features and/or functions, as well as a brief statement on the different ways an information organisation may be able to utilise such a tool to support information services, learning and/or collaboration of users and/or employees.

Social Bookmarking Service – Delicious

A Delicious account is easy to set up and linking to Facebook or Twitter allows networking opportunities as well as transferal of links. Searching within the site through tagname, username, keyword or website address the ‘add link’ command adds the link quickly building a list. Importing from the Internet using a ‘Bookmarklet’ tool allows transferal instantaneously, reducing switching between web pages. Links saved on the Delicious site can also exported. Links can be edited at any time to customize their tags and description and organised into ‘tag bundles’ allowing similar items to be stored for easy access when required. This is particularly useful for storing resources suitable for a curriculum topic for use later by teachers and students.

The ‘discover’ command intuitively conducts searches based on the type of links previously added reducing time spent searching. Clicking on the number of times a link has been saved provides a list of users. Finding users who have saved similar links the site provides the ability to ‘follow’ other users thus keeping up-to-date with links being added. This service may be useful for members of a group to collaborate where they are able to see each other’s links and share them.

Uncluttered pages reduce confusion using the site and novice users are assisted by a ‘help’ page and a ‘blog’. Feedback from customers is valued and has lead to improvements in how the site works (Delicious Blog, 2014). For access to the site from portable devices ‘apps’ are available from Delicious that support a variety of mobile devices. This is beneficial to users as it enables them to add links to their account whenever and wherever they are.

Ongoing monitoring of web links added to the site is required to ensure they are still active and relevant, as websites change and evolve over time. Some of the links that have been added lack information and time can be wasted on looking at unsuitable links where a description would have reduced this. Organisational decisions need to be made early when collecting links to ensure they have consistent tags.  The site does allow for bulk editing of links that is helpful when having to correct many links at the same time. Default setting is public in line with the social aspect of the site. Privacy settings are available and can be used discriminately when required.


Delicious – https://delicious.com/

Delicious Blog. (2014). Retrieved from http://blog.delicious.com/

Frequently Asked Questions. (2014). Retrieved from https://delicious.com/help


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