Socially networked world 2013

How do the concepts and findings in these sections of the OCLC report reflect your view of the socially networked world in 2013?

With the introduction of many social networking sites that connect people and allow them to interact, information can be spread widely to many people instantaneously. People are able to share thoughts and experiences, provide feedback and opinions, recommend or provide suggestions, upload photos or video to share as well as provide connections to other websites. The function and use of social media sites is expanding due to the number of people linked up and the availability of technology that allows ease of use.

Originally the Internet was used to browse and search for information. Those who were able to create a website required technical skills and knowledge. Interaction between people was limited to E-mailing. With the proliferation of social networking sites and social media sites as well as the ability to trade online the way people use the Internet has changed dramatically.

Social networking sites such as MySpace, Mixi and Facebook enable people to communicate instantaneously sharing information and photos. The main reason for people using these sites is ‘to communicate with friends or family’ (De Rosa, Cantrell, Havens, Hawk & Jenkins, 2007, p. 1-13). Users mostly agree that social networking sites enable them to maintain their relationships as well as to help build new relationships (De Rosa et al., 2007, p. 2-23).

Social media sites such as YouTube and Flickr allow people to share and publish content with many people (De Rosa et al., 2007, p. 2-2). This has enabled many talented people to publish their work online.

Commercial sites allow people to purchase items or services online. Amazon and eBay have led the way. This type of interaction has grown with online purchasing becoming more prevalent. The ability to netbank which allows people to pay their bills online is becoming more acceptable as people lead busy lives.

De Rosa, C., Cantrell, J., Havens, A., Hawk, J. & Jenkins, L. (2007). Sharing privacy and trust in our networked world: A report to the OCLC membership. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc. [ebook] Available


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